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So, what is Seitan?

Some people also refer to it as wheat meat; Seitan is the Japanese word for the wheat protein, traced back to the 5th century in China, where Buddhist monks and followers developed this delicious substitute to meat. By the end of the 20th century, Michael's Seitan brought it to perfection. Seitan has an amazing texture and flavor is very high in protein and has no fat or cholesterol and makes for a great option for sandwiches, bowls, stews, stir-fry, giros, wraps, wings, kebabs, burgers, and meatballs. Seitan welcomes any spices, sauce or dressings you can think of, just like the meats it replaces.  Seitan is clean and healthy.

Is it high in protein

Yes.  Seitan is one of the highest plant-based sources of protein, and when eaten in conjunction with legumes, it provides a complete source of protein, i.e. all the essemtial amino acids humans need to consume.

Does it contain gluten?  

Yes.  Seitan is essentially gluten protein.

It is made from high-gluten wheat flour, rinsed and cooked.

Is it healthy?

Yes.  it is an all-natural meat replacement made with low sodium, no added oils, and no chemicals. 

Is it GMO and highly processed?

No, and no.  We use non-GMO flour, and, unlike so many vegan products, our Seitan is not an experiment of chemical manipulation.

We use high-gluten flour, water, light seasoning , mix it and cook it to perfection./ 

Is it good for the Environment?

Yes.  Eating plant-based is the highest impact action person can take to reverse climate change; more than buying a hybrid car, solar panels or a tiny home.

See article from sciencenews.

What is the difference between Vegan, Plant-Based and Whole Foods Plant-Based?

Vegan generally refers to an ethically motivated lifestyle of avoiding harm and abuse to animals.  Plant-based refers to the dietary choice of avoiding animal products.  The whole foods specification comes from the health-oriented concern of avoiding plant-based foods that are highly processed and refined, including white flours, oils and excessive sugar and salt.  Most people who follow a vegan, plant-based or WFPB lifestyle are motivated by a combination of human health, animal welfare, and environmental concerns.

Whatever your motivation for a plant-based lifestyle, our Seitan is here for you.

Currently serving greater Philadelphia and New Jersey

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